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W-1 Diamond Basketweave W-2 Plastic Bells and Lily of the Valley
W-3 Peach Floral Bouquet W-4 Wedding Bells and Gold Leaves
W-5 Yellow Roses W-6 Purple Monogram
W-7 Anniversary Tiered Cake W-8 Stacked Bridal Shower Gifts
W-9 Contemporary Champagne Bottle W-10 Wedding Couple Outline
W-11 Flowers and Plastic Bells W-12 Contemporary Bride and Groom
W-13 Golden Anniversary W-14 Elegant Floral Display
W-15 Pearl Squiggle Heart W-16 Elegant Scroll Heart
W-17 Elegant Squiggle Tiered Cake W-18 Big Gifts
W-19 50th Anniversary W-20 Pink Flower Tiered Cake
W-21 Wedding Paisley W-22 Rosebud Hearts
W-23 Wedding Dress W-24 A Bright Future
W-25 Pink Victorian Lace W-26 Fondant Bow Package
W-27 Pink Daisy Tiered Cake W-28 Ball and Chain
W-29 Elegant Tiered Cake W-30 Wedding Doves

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