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HV-1 Teddy Bear Cupid Drawn

HV-2 Scoll Happy Valentin's Day

HV-3 Conversation Heart HV-4 Peppy LePew Valentine
HV-5 Taz Valentine w/ Hearts HV-6 Always and Forever Rose
HV-7 Valentine's Day Mice Drawn HV-8 Puppy with Heart
HV-9 I Love You This Much HV-10 Cool Comical Cupid
HV-11 Hot Lips HV-12 Open Box of Chocolates
HV-13 Bee Mine Drawn HV-14 Valentine Bear with Flowers and Candy
HV-15 Be Mine, Teddy HV-16 Heart with Two Cupids
HV-17 Heats on Each Piece HV-18 Squiggle Heart with Red Roses
HV-19 Pink Rose Double Heart HV-20 Chubby Cupid
HV-21 Pepe and Lover HV-22 Love is...
HV-23 Love Bear Drawn HV-24 Bare Cupid w/ Arrow
HV-25 Valentine's Day Bugs HV-26 Cherub with Hearts
HV-27 Chocolates and Flowers Bear HV-28 Pink Ruffled Heart
HV-29 Ape About You HV-30 Porky and Petunia

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