Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers are from Ed Otto’s direct knowledge or experience with the “Riches of 9.”

1) I’m not convinced it works because it still sounds like a gimmick. What else can you say to reassure the fact I’m not throwing away my money?

To begin, read all the FAQs. Hopefully, they will relieve your apprehension.

In addition, here are 5 reasons why you have nothing to lose…but paying less:

    When I first was approached with the “Riches of 9,” I was in the same position as you are today. I didn’t believe it would work either. After all, I’m just a regular guy who didn’t bargain much and never tried buying things for less. Now, it’s been 4 years and I’m tickled green with the savings. So, why shouldn’t it work for you?
    This is an original concept that you have never heard of before. The psychology behind the method is grounded in science with a proven track record. It gives the confidence you need to make it work.
    I’m also worried that you may think it’s a gimmick. That’s why I’m giving you a full one-year guarantee. After you get the DVD and still think it’s a gimmick…get your money back.
    Remember, this product was already successful in the marketplace prior to being in my possession. Why would I risk my reputation on something…that was a gimmick?  I truly believe my cakes are the best around and this is the best buying technique around. I’m simply sharing something that works for me and hopefully for you.
    To back-up the previous point, if it doesn’t help you save money, I’ll give all your money back, plus a $25 Cake Gallery gift card. (Seriously, how many “I’m sorry I wasted your time” gift cards do you think I want to hand out?)

2) Why is The Cake Gallery selling a product that is unrelated to cakes?

We have been selling unrelated products on our “Other Cool Stuff” page for over 3 three years.

I have temporarily taken down the “Other Cool Stuff” page to highlight this very beneficial product.

In addition, I don’t want to dwell on this point, but it needs to be addressed. The person who created this service is a personal friend. He recently told me he only had a short time left on this earth, due to cancer, and asked me to continue his efforts.

Knowing it works, I’m honored to carry forward his legacy. I know it can help a lot of people. Hopefully, you’ll be one of them.

3) Why is it called the “Riches of 9?”

Here is the story of how it all began.

A businessman was looking for a way to pay less for all the materials and supplies his International Company was purchasing.

He realized his company was negotiating the purchase of goods and services from some of the best-trained and most sophisticated salespeople in the world.

To overcome what he felt was an unfair playing field against tremendously savvy sales teams; he retained a prominent psychologist to craft a “reserve sales pitch” for his executives, managers, and others who negotiated purchases.

The plan worked extremely well. Within three months of its implementation, his company was adding approximately a million extra dollars profit per month to the bottom line.

The method you will receive is a variation of the original “reverse sales pitch.” It has been effectively modified for consumer use.

The initial consumer model was created to save 9% on many purchases; thus, the name, the “Riches of 9.”

4) Can I use it to buy everything?

In short, it works best on any purchase that involves a direct contact with a salesperson. In addition, it’s most effective on services or products that have a significant amount of labor billed in the overall price.

I’ve had my biggest savings with smaller independent stores and contractors. While I don’t want to make claims on purchases outside of my own experience, I’ve heard that people are using the technique for everything under the sun.

At the end of the FAQ section, there is a sampling of products and services where it can work.

It’s not really designed to buy items such as groceries, items at your local mall or on the Internet. It needs to be on products with price flexibility. 

(During this first year, I’m requesting everyone who uses the “Riches of 9” to email me with their success stories. I will add new categories to the list as they become available.)

5) How much effort does this really take?

As I stated before, I’m not much for haggling over price, but I felt comfortable using this technique because it made sense. It literally did only take me an hour to learn it.

I don’t think it takes that much effort to use it either. You simply must have the desire to save money. Your results will depend on your experience using it. For example, I’m much better at getting lower prices and a bigger discount than when I first starting using it.

6) How does it work to motivate salespeople to sell you items for less?

You’ll have to get the DVD for a full explanation. Basically, the technique is centered on four principles of psychology. Salespeople are vulnerable to these 4 particular “Influences” that persuades them to sell at a lower price.

7) Why are you making a big point of personally guaranteeing it?

I value you as a customer of The Cake Gallery first and foremost and want you to feel great about your purchase.

8) Why is your guarantee for one full year?

I want to take all the risk out of the purchase and put it on my shoulders.

If I only guaranteed for 60 or 90 days, I don’t believe most people would have sufficient time to try it and see how powerful the simple method really is.

For example, I learned the technique in the month of September and used it for the first time in December. That’s 3 months before I finally decided to give it a try on a flat screen TV.

I’ve heard of others who didn’t try using it for close to a year.

Keep in mind, this technique is based upon human nature. It will work for years to come. Even if you don’t use it for the next 2 years, at some point in time, the opportunity will arise to save money.

9) Why don’t you have testimonials from other people?

I purposely used myself as a testimonial, because, frankly, I don’t trust testimonials from people I’ve never done business with or met outside of Omaha.

Further, I feel very comfortable guaranteeing it, due to my experiences of saving “REAL” money. 

(The DVD contains the testimonials I decided not to use here. They are good examples of how others used the “Riches of 9” technique and how you would be able to do the same.)

10) Why can’t I find any other company selling the “Riches of 9” or find it in Google results?

The creator of this method was personally teaching the technique and selling it directly to his customers. It was not designed to sell to mass markets on the Internet.

In addition, it is a limited edition technique only available for an inner circle of people who are serious about saving money. I intend to keep it that way.

11) Are you really only selling 250 copies over the next year?

Yes, it will be limited to 250 copies within the Omaha metropolitan area. That number was previously decided by the creator of the product. I am honoring his wishes. 

If there are returns, the returns will be resold. When we run out, I’m planning on setting up a waiting list for people who want to be first in line next year.

Since we receive between 8,000-11,000 visitors per month to our website, this product will be purchased by customers outside of the Omaha vicinity. We will monitor the city and state of each buyer.

When 250 copies are reached for the Omaha area, we will refuse new orders. Sales will remain open for other areas of the country until their limitations are reached. Distribution for the USA is limited to 25,000 copies per year.

12) You say in your example, 9 out of the 100 times you used it, you saved $3354. How much did you save the other 91 times?

I didn’t track all my savings. But, I did keep a running record of the amount of times I used it. Out of the 100 times, I was successful 84 times in getting a lower price. For arguments sake, if I only saved $50 on the other 75 times, it would still amount to an additional $3750. 

With that said, here’s a twist. It’s called “Recurring Savings.”  For example I have my lawn mowed every week at a savings of $10 per week. In an average year that amounts to $360. My wife has a hair stylist she goes to at a savings of $15 every third week. That amounts to $270 per year. I use a pest control service at The Cake Gallery at a savings of $20 per month for a savings of $240 per year.

As you can see, it’s not only single purchases; you can use it on all recurring purchases. What recurring purchases do you have?

13) How can I be sure that too many people won’t be using it and render it worthless?

That is exactly why it’s limited to only 250 copies in Omaha and limited to 25,000 copies for the rest of the country. It’s only being offered to 1 in approximately 9000 households per year. Unless our own inner circle starts sharing their DVD’s with all their friends, families and co-workers, the technique will remain extremely effective.

14) Do you offer one-on-one training?

The training from the DVD should be adequate. However, if I receive enough requests, I’ll certainly consider doing small group training of between 5 and 8 people per session.

After you’ve gone through the DVD at least twice, and still believe my personal coaching would help you more effectively, please send an email or call 402-397-2253 and leave a message. I’ll return your call within 24 hours.

If your anxieties have been addressed by the above FAQs, keep in mind, there are only 250 copies available for Omaha…until September 2012. Order soon!









You have nothing to lose
…but paying less!


Various Categories Where A Price Was Successfully Lowered

Anything you buy from a classified ad in the newspaper or on the Internet, Jewelry, Used cars, Dog walking, Carpet cleaning, Bathroom remodeling, Hair Stylist, Mover, Carpenter, Photographer, Window shades, Home Alarm system, Tree service, Air duct cleaning, Piano teacher, Window contractor, Siding contractor, Electrician, Furniture, Appliances, Fencing, Exterminators, Garage doors, House cleaning, Web site developer, Kitchen remodeling, Landscape services, Home and dog sitting, Chimney sweep, Sprinkler services, Drywall services, Gutters, Videographer, Auto detail services, Basement waterproofing, Teeth whitening, Lawn service, Personal trainer, Laser vision, Swimming pool services, Penguin waxing (just kidding, wanted to see if you’re reading this), House inspection, Formal wear, Custom cabinets, Furniture refinishing, Computer repair, Deck refinishing and deck construction, Window coverings, Patio construction, Home theater installation, Auto repair, Pets like dogs and cats, Awnings, Bridal services, New and used boats, Catering, Check cashing service,  Any type of consultant, Driveway or any concrete work,

In addition, if you own a small business, it works on most services where you pay a monthly fee.